Grizzly’s Books

Grizzly’s This ‘N That

Grizzly’s This ‘N That, written by Ray “Grizzly” Racobs, is a potpourri of old sayings, quotes and clichés and how many have related to his life.

Oro The Incredible Dog

Darcie is from Wichita, but will be leaving soon to go to college at OSU where she will be in a dorm, so she won’t be able to take Oro with her.

Oro, The “Tail” Continues

Oro’s special ability also gets the pair involved with helping a Wichita police department, in solving two separate crimes.

Oro Canine vs. Crime

Will and Oro become more involved in helping Captain Rigley to acquire more information t0 solve more crimes.

Oro And The 3 G’s

To Will and Lea, his caregivers, Oro still brings forth knowledge he has acquired from people’s minds, because of his telepathic capabilities.

And You’re Telling Me This… Because?

A collection of Ray’s newspaper columns running the the gamut of  everyday topics tackled with Ray’s signature humor and insight.