Oro Canine vs. Crime


$20 – B/W

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Will and Oro become more involved in helping Rigley, who was promoted to Captain, to acquire more information that helped solve crimes.   Oro’s ability also allowed him to pass on to Will what he picked up from others to catch law breakers, who would probably have gotten away with crimes.

A local senior care center had luckily been selected by Will to take Oro to visit them on occasion.  This gave the elderly folks a chance to add some fun into their lives and “play” with Oro.  Will had also signed on to be a teacher’s aide at an elementary school and kids who had done well were allowed to have Oro as their reading buddy for a short period of time.

Life threatening events happened to Oro and Lea at Rainbow Acres.  With prayers, faith and Will’s calm actions they are able to get past difficult times.  After a scary situation involving Lea was eradicated the trio looked forward to taking an earlier than usual vacation to, of course, Colorado.

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