Oro The Incredible Dog


$15 – B/W

$20 – Illustrated B/W

$25 – Illustrated Color


Darcie is also from Wichita, but will be leaving soon to go to college at OSU where she will be in a dorm, so she won’t be able to take Oro with her.  She will have to leave him with her parents who do not like the dog and she is worried about that plan. Oro is sad, too, for he knows what is coming down.

When Will learns of the dilemma that Darcie is facing he comes up with an idea he knows would solve both her problem and his desire to obtain the dog.  Will is optimistic and makes Darcie an offer to take Oro.

Darcie agrees, after a night of pondering her choices.   In the lucky break for man and beast, Will becomes Oro’s owner and the duo teams up to put their unique association to productive uses in helping other people with their problems and several dilemmas are solved or corrected by Oro, Will and Lea.

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