Grizzly’s Books

Grizzly’s This ‘N That

Grizzly’s This ‘N That, written by Ray “Grizzly” Racobs, is a potpourri of old sayings, quotes and clichés and how many have related to his life.

Oro The Incredible Dog

Think about this for a moment…

Have you ever wanted to read the minds of those around you? Oro, a golden retriever, is not your average “man’s best friend”. He has the ability to understand all human speech along with another unique gift.

Oro, The “Tail” Continues

Run this through the ole gray matter…

You are the proud owner of a dog with telepathic skills who is also able to communicate with you.  Would you want to leave your dog at home and head off for work?  I didn’t think you would.  So, it’s rare that Will leaves Oro, ’cause he brings on the action.

So, what happens next?

Oro Canine vs. Crime

Will and Oro become well known to many of the Wichita PD officers and LT Rigley is promoted to CAPT, partly because of his success in solving some major crimes in a short period of time. Hmm! Wonder how that happened? Rigley wonders why Will is obsessed with having Oro with him all of the time.

We know though, don’t we?

Oro And The 3 G’s

The trio became a foursome after Tasha gives a male pup to Will and Lea. He came from the Oro/Sandy relationship that presented a litter. The puppy is named Oso, which translates to “bear” in Spanish. Oso has inherited Oro’s gift of being telepathic, so he should fit right in.

Oh my! Can Will keep up with that?

And You’re Telling Me This… Because?

A collection of Ray’s newspaper columns running the the gamut of  everyday topics tackled with Ray’s signature humor and insight.