Oro and the 3 G's

The trio became a foursome after Tasha gives a male pup to Will and Lea. He came from the Oro/Sandy relationship that presented a litter. The puppy is named Oso, which translates to “bear” in Spanish. Oso has inherited Oro’s gift of being telepathic, so he should fit right in.

Oh my! Can Will keep up with that?

Will starts taking the canine father and son team to visit the senior care  center and other places where he and Oro were going.  So, at Brookdale they meet up with Gia and are introduced to Warren, a former Army LT who was severely wounded in the Afghan conflict.  It wasn’t long before Oso “tells” Will that Warren was able to communicate with him.  Hmm! What a surprise.  Do ya wonder how that pans out?   

An interesting three-chapter part of the 3G’s deals with topics that are: the seldom talked about 7 Deadly Sins, various superstitions, as well as good & bad luck issues.

Will and Oro run across a man who seems to be lost and/or disoriented.  It’s a day time in the Walmart parking lot incident that compares to Oro finding that elderly man with dementia lost off a mountain trail in CO.

Will and Oro were hanging out in the parking lot of the Towne West Mall when an OK dressed guy walks up to them.  He asks to borrow $20 to fix a flat tire on his car.  He told Will that he had left his wallet at home and he would return to pay back $40 after he picked his money up.

The story sounded legit to Will and he was about to give the man some cash, but Oro broke into the mix of things and informed Will the facts. The man had made up the story and was out to rip people off.

 And more cool stories in book 4...