Oro Canine vs. Crime

Will and Oro become well known to many of the Wichita PD officers and LT Rigley is promoted to CAPT, partly because of his success in solving some major crimes in a short period of time. Hmm! Wonder how that happened? Rigley wonders why Will is obsessed with having Oro with him all of the time.

We know though, don’t we?

Captain Rigley sets Will and Oro up to get certification in a K-9 training class.  The team has a grand time for most of the sessions except one that required Oro to climb a modified stairway and cross a long, narrow beam which sat high up above the ground.

On a trip to visit Jay Jay, Oro had met a “gorgeous” lady dog whose owner had moved in across from the James’ family farm.  Another fun time came when Oro went to visit some more of Lea’s new classes that had student issues again.  He looked forward to spending quiet time to “hear” their minds. Many great stories are mixed in around two very scary times for the trio.  One afternoon Will finds Oro passed out on the porch.  He rushes him to the vet where the outcome may not have been a positive one without the quick response by Will.

Not long after that episode Oro finds Lea’s Jeep abandoned at the property’s entrance.  She had disappeared and later Will receives a call demanding a large sum of money for Lea’s safe return.  She had been abducted for ransom.  With the help of the WPD, the FBI and Oro, Lea is rescued.  Not long after that situation was taken care of the trio decides to take an early rest period and go back to Colorado on a vacation.

Wow! Don’t stop yet…