Oro The Incredible Dog

Think about this for a moment…

Have you ever wanted to read the minds of those around you? Oro, a golden retriever, is not your average “man’s best friend”. He has the ability to understand all human speech along with another unique gift.

To back the story up a bit…

Will, a high school teacher wins the lottery.  As Incredible as that luck of the draw may be to most of us, it was only the  first of three great occurrences that were to come to him.

He had already decided to help out his family members with a portion of his winnings.  After a lot of meetings with them he decided to spend some money on himself.  He bought an RV and then asked Lea, a teacher friend of his, to join him on a fun trip to Colorado for a vacation.  She accepted.

At a campsite north of Durango, CO, Darcie, an OSU college student sets up a tent at a site next to Will’s, while Lea is on an errand.  Darcie ties her dog’s lead rope to a tree near to where Will is working on his sideline job of writing a column for a local newspaper.

Oro, a golden retriever speaks telepathically to Will, who is more than a little surprised.  Oro is equally in shock, since Will is the first human to ever receive his thoughts.  Oro’s gift has been of no use to him until he met up with Will.  In a lucky break for man and beast, Will acquires Oro and the duo teams up with Lea to put their unique association to a great use to help others.

You’ll love the book!