Oro, The “Tail” Continues

Run this idea through the ole gray matter …

You are the proud owner of a dog with telepathic skills who is also able to communicate with you.  Would you want to leave your dog at home and head off for work?  I didn’t think you would.  So, it’s rare that Will leaves without Oro, cause he brings on the action.

So, what happens next?

Will and Lea’s friendship progresses to the point where they become engaged. The wedding is set for after the school year.  Will’s decision to put his teaching career on hold was not only because he was now wealthy. Oro’s gift had brought many situations of the needs of people to his attention and he was pleased with the positive outcomes that the team had accomplished.

Think about this scenario …

You are a teacher and are having problems with three students in your class.  The main issues involve disrespect, poor grades and a don’t-care attitude.  So, what do you do?  Talk to the parents of the problems their kids, as students, are having?  Yes, but the best way to work this out is to ask your boyfriend if you can borrow his telepathic dog.

On the TV a news bulletin reports a story about a lost child.  Oro “talks” Will into joining up with a group of folks that will go out to look for the missing girl.  The search fails, but in a short period of time Oro picks up on a clue as to what had happened to the young girl and the association with a Wichita police detective begins.

Schools are out for the summer and our wonderful couple are wed.  Oro is quite excited for the trio will soon be heading off to Colorado for a honeymoon along with another vacation.  Lea receives a gift the morning after the blessed day that outdoes any of those received at the reception.

Don’t miss out on what happens…